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Film of the Month Club

Film of the Month Club - Subscription

10.50 every month

Every month we pick a specific emulsion and send you one roll of 35mm film of this type, and you get access to an exclusive Facebook group where members of the Film of the Month Club can discuss the film, photography, cameras, and more. Our film club is a great way to try some film you may have never tried before, or reacquaint with an old friend.

Your subscription also helps support the content we create at our editorial site Casual Photophile.

This subscription renews monthly and can be canceled at any time. Some of the film types we will ship this year are listed below.

  • Kodak Ultramax

  • Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400

  • KosmoFoto Mono

  • Kodak P3200

  • Expired Film

  • Cinestill Film

  • Rollei RPX

  • Fujifilm Superia of various speeds

Film will be shipped within two days of monthly subscription renewal.

cp film club-1.jpg