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Yulla Lipchitz Photographs Photo Book, Hardcover, 372 Pages


Here we have a stunning hardcover book of Yulla Lipchitz' photography. 

The book is in great condition, with minor scuffing to the edges of the dustcover only. The books hardcover, pages, binding, and edges are all perfect. There are no creases, markings, or tears on the book's hardcover or pages. 

Yulla was born in 1911 in Berlin, Germany and raised in an Orthodox Jewish family. Her developing personality was a result of an intermingling of many diverse spiritual, emotional, cultural and other environmental forces. While secretly attending sculpture classes, she also pursued her interests in science and mathematics, which intensified when she met Albert Einstein.

In 1938, escaping the Nazis with her family, Yulla came to the United States and settled in Cincinnati with the aid of her husband's cousin, Libby Holman. In 1942, separated from her husband, she came to New York City where several years later, she met and married the sculptor, Jacques Lipchitz. In later years Yulla and Lipchitz lived and maintained homes in both Italy and America. Through Lipchitz, Yulla met Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Marc Chagall, Alexander Calder, Marino Marini and their contemporaries.

After Lipchitz' death in 1972, Yulla became more involved in her own creative work. Sculpture was the first medium of Yulla's reentry into the creative arts. By the late seventies she had begun to photograph, beginning with Polaroids. Through the lens of the camera, her artist's eyes saw a bright new unexplored world-- a world of divergent images. Since that time, Yulla's photographs have been exhibited in over eighteen photographic exhibitions around the world. Yulla's works speak to each viewer on a direct interactive, personal and universal level. Now, for the first time in this book, the full scope and magnitude of Yulla's photography emerges.

Yulla Lipchitz lets her inventive imagination play with the idea of reconstructing the image to give the effect of optical illusions. The result is a transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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