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Nikon Nikkor Lens Booklet - 60 Pages - Comprehensive Nikkor System Guide


Here we have an original, excellent condition Nikon Nikkor Lens booklet.

This 60 page booklet was manufactured by Nikon and printed in Japan. It is a comprehensive catalog of Nikon's exceptional Nikkor system, and is inclusive of a massive number of amazing lenses.

In these pages we are treated to technical specifications, construction details, and optical cross-sections of every lens. We're also given the chance to see some truly gorgeous photographs made with individual lenses.

Legendary lenses, such as the 105mm 2.5 (Afghan Girl), Micro-Nikkors and Nikon's nearly unobtainable 6mm fish-eye lens are included in this publication.

This is an invaluable booklet for collectors of Nikon gear, or any lover of photography.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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