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Quantaray QTB 7500A Tilt Swivel Zoom Flash Unit with Nikon Module - Other Modules Allow Use on Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Etc.


Here we have a very excellent flash from Quantaray, the QTB-7500A flash with detachable modules for connecting to various camera makes. This unit comes with a Nikon module, allowing it to work seamlessly with Nikon cameras. 

It is in perfect condition and comes with a carrying case. 

The Quantaray QTB 7500A flash is a versatile photographic tool. This flash offers superb Through-The-Lens auto results with Nikon, Canon, Pentax or Minolta auto-focus cameras. The Quantaray QTB 7500A is the main body of a two piece flash system that is designed to operate in conjunction with the auto focus and exposure controls built into your camera.

The Quantaray QTB 7500A requires a separate module that attaches to the bottom and has the proper electronic circuitry for the camera you are using. Enjoy big savings with this versatile flash/module arrangement. If you carry several cameras in your bag, or decide to upgrade your camera later, you only need to match the QTB 7500A 's dedicated flash module to the camera you are using.

The QTB 7500A features TTL exposure operation, a manual zoom head, a focus assist beam, bounce and swivel head, and guide numbers from 72 to 96 (depending on zoom position), an additional small flash on the front for filling in shadows, and an auto off to save battery life. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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