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Pentax AF 160SA Hot Shoe Flash for Pentax 35mm Film SLR Camera


Here we have an excellent Pentax flash unit for use with Pentax 35mm film cameras - the AF160SA. It works perfectly and is in great condition.

The AF160SA was designed for use with the compact MV, MV1 and ME Super cameras, but it can be used on any camera with a hotshoe. The flash has three Auto settings where a sensor in the flash measures the exposure and turns the flash off when the subject has received the right amount of light. You manually set the ISO corresponding to the selected auto setting.

The flash also has a manual setting where it always fires at full power.

When fully charged, the flash sets the camera's shutter speed to the flash synchronization speed, and also enables the camera to show a "flash ready" symbol in the view finder. This additional automation is available with the MV, MV1, ME Super and later cameras. On the ME, MX , and "K" film bodies, the AF160SA works just like any other Auto flash.

Optional accessories (shown in photo above): A wide-angle adaptor which broadens the angle of view which is covered, and a telephoto adaptor, which extends the range.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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