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Nikon HN-3 52mm Screw-in Metal Lens Hood for Nikkor or Any 52mm Diameter Lens


Here we have the Nikon HN-3 screw-in metal lens hood. It is in well-used condition and is being sold at a substantial discount (FYI, retail price is $24).

This lens hood will prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens by shading the outer element. It will also add some protection against impact or damage from accident drops or errant placement.

While this lens hood will fit any 52mm diameter lens, it was specifically engineered for the following Nikon lenses :

- 35mm f/1.4 AI-S

- 35mm f/2

- 35mm f/2.8

- 55mm f/2.8/3.5 Micro

- 35-80mm D-AF Lenses

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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nikon hood - 2.jpg
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