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Canon Speedlite 199A Camera Flash with Case and Diffuser - Thyristor Flash for Canon AE-1, A-1, etc.


For sale is a Canon Speedlite 199A flash unit with case. This unit is in perfect working condition. Batteries not included.

The Canon Speedlite 199A is a dedicated, thyristorized flash unit designed for operation with Canon "A" series cameras. The Speedlite 199A features a high Guide Number of 98 with ISO 100 film, three automatic flash ranges plus Manual and automatic bounce flash capability. The most powerful shoe-mount Speedlite in the Canon line, the 199A is recommended for use with the Canon A-1 or any "A" series camera with motor drive or Power Winder A due to its high power and very rapid recycling time.

Technical Specification: 

  • Type: High-powered shoe-mount flash; automatic, thyristor type
  • Guide Number: 98 (ISO 100, feet), 60 w/wide adaptor
  • Recycling Time: 10 seconds with Alkaline-Manganese batteries 6 seconds w/Ni-Cd batteries
  • Number of Flashes: 100- 1000 w/Alkaline-Manganese batteries 50-500 w/Ni-Cd batteries
  • Auto Flash Ranges: 3
  • Auto Apertures: (ISO 100) Red-f/2.8 Green-f/5.6 Yellow-f/11
  • Bounce:Yes
  • Flash Coverage: For 35 mm format, covers angle of view of 35 mm lens; covers 24 mm w/adaptor
  • Color Temperature: Daylight
  • Power Source: 4 "AV size Alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries
  • Dimensions: 3-1/8 x 3-1/4 x 4-1/2 in.
  • Weight: 1 lb., 1-5/16 oz.

This flash will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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