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Minolta XE-7 SLR Camera with Minolta MD Rokkor X 50mm F 1.7 Fast Prime Lens - Fully Operational - Same as Leica R-Series

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Here we have a legendary vintage SLR camera from Minolta - the XE-7. It comes with a Minolta MD Rokkor X 50mm F/1.7 fast prime lens. It is in good condition, is fully functional, and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. 

This camera has been thoroughly tested and comes with new batteries installed.

The camera is in good cosmetic condition with minor signs of use. Functionally the camera is perfect. The light meter works perfectly, as does the aperture-priority auto-exposure system. Shutter speeds are accurate. The film compartment is clean and free of imperfections. The battery compartment is clean and free of corrosion. Viewfinder shows minor blemishes that do not impact operation or images. Due to this imperfection the camera is being sold at a discount.

The lens is cosmetically good and functionally perfect. The glass elements are clean and pristine with no fungus, marring, or damage to the optics. The aperture blades are snappy and oil free. The focus ring spins nicely and the aperture ring clicks into its detents with mechanical precision. The lens is missing its red index dot, which does not impact operation. 

This lens is one of the nicest fast prime lenses in the standard focal length, and is able to create both extremely sharp images as well as unbelievable bokeh. Subject isolation in portraits is just fantastic, with background blending in creamy swathes of color and light. Stopped down the lens becomes exceptionally crisp. 

With a versatile focal length of 50mm, this lens can do everything from snapshots to portraits, landscapes to street photography. It's truly a do-it-all lens with extreme performance. 

As for the camera, this is quite possibly the very best Minolta SLR camera ever produced. It is the same body and design used under license from Minolta by Leica for their R-series SLR cameras. The build quality is second-to-none and this camera feels incredibly robust in the hand. A truly high-end piece of photographic machinery, the XE-7 is simple to use yet capable of every advanced function required by the most serious photographers.

It uses an SR Mount, which means that any of Minolta's fantastic MC / MD lenses will fit on this camera body. This allows for unparalleled options in lenses, of which Minolta made the best available from a Japanese manufacturer.

This is just a fantastic, beautiful, fully-functional camera. One of the best from any brand.

It will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe and timely delivery.

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