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35mm SLR
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Minolta X-370 35mm SLR Film Camera with Albinar 28mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Prime Lens, Lens Cap, Strap and Batteries - Fully Functional


Here we have a Minolta X-370 SLR camera with an Albinar 28mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens, lens cap, UV filter, strap and new batteries. It is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

This camera is in very good cosmetic condition, and works perfectly in every way. Clean film and battery compartments, viewfinder is nice and clean, leatherette is in fantastic condition, mirror box is pristine, focusing screen is clean, buttons dials and knobs actuate as they should. 

The included lens is a 28mm wide-angle prime lens by Albinar. The aperture blades are clean and free of oil, and actuate flawlessly. The focus ring spins with perfectly weighted fluidity and the aperture ring clicks into its detents with mechanical precision. The lens elements are clean with no damage to the optical coatings, and no fungus. 

This 28mm lens offers a fast aperture of f/2.8, perfect for low light photography, portraits, subject isolation, and excellent bokeh. Stop the aperture down and this lens sharpens up to capture pin-point precise detail. From snapshots, to landscapes, and everything in between, this lens does it all and does it all very well. 

The camera offers a variety of exposure modes. By setting the shutter speed selector to Auto, the camera does all the math regarding exposure and ensures a perfectly exposed photo in almost every situation calculated by available light and the selected lens aperture. This is because of Minolta's excellent metering system, which is in my opinion the best of any vintage camera maker.  

Of course, this camera also offers the ability to shoot in full Manual mode whenever the photographer feels like it. 

This camera will be packaged securely to ensure safe delivery and shipped immediately.

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