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Leitz Leicaflex SL2 50 Jahre Special Edition with Leitz Wetzlar Summicron R 50mm F/2 Fast Prime Lens, Leitz UV filter, Lens Hood, Lens Cap


Here we have a gorgeous Leitz Leicaflex SL2 SLR 35mm film camera along with a fantastic Leitz Wetzlar Summicron-R 50mm F/2 fast prime lens, original Leitz UV filter, Leitz lens hood, and Leitz lens cap. 

This is the uncommon black version of the 50 Jahre (50 year) Anniversary Edition - special serial number 159-C.

This kit is in exceptional condition, is fully functional, and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. 

All dials, levers, switches, knobs, and buttons actuate perfectly and with mechanical precision. The viewfinder is clean and clear, the reflex mirror is perfect, the focusing screen is clean, and the mirror box is free of damage and debris. The battery compartments are clean and free of corrosion. The film compartment is clean, the shutter is perfect and precise, and the pressure plate is unmarred. The shutter speeds area accurate and the metering system works exactly as it should.

Essentially this is a pristine and perfectly functional example of an amazing Leitz SLR. 

For a full review of this camera visit our blog here.

The included lens is in excellent condition and is fully functional. The glass elements are pristine and free of scratches, balsam separation, haze, and fungus. The aperture blades are free of oil and actuate beautifully. The focus ring spins wonderfully with perfectly damped resistance, and the aperture ring clicks into its detents with mechanical precision. The filter threads and lens mount are in unmarred condition. 

The included UV filter and filter retaining ring, lens cap, and lens hood are original Leitz equipment and are in similarly excellent condition. 

The Leitz Summicron-R 50mm F/2 is widely considered to be one of the best standard lenses ever made. It offers exceptional sharpness at all apertures, even wide open, while also allowing us to make incredible bokeh and subject isolation when shot wide open toward close subjects. The lens produces exceptional micro-contrast, further bolstering the stellar look of images it makes. Leitz' optical coatings do well to completely eliminate chromatic aberration and other optical anomalies. 

Simply put, this is one of the best 50mm lenses ever made. 

This is the two cam version of the famous Summicron-R, which means it will naturally mount to all Leica R mount cameras (Leica SLRs). These include the original Leicaflex, the Leicaflex SL, the Leicaflex SL2, and the electronic R series. It will be fully functional on the Leicaflex, SL, and SL2. On the Leica R3 through R7 it will work perfectly with stop-down metering mode. 

The camera and lens will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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