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Nikon F2 (F2A) 35mm Film SLR Camera with DP-11 Photomic Finder - Fully Functional


Here we have a truly legendary vintage camera, the Nikon F2 with Photomic DP-11 viewfinder. It is in excellent condition and is fully functional.

Everything works as it should. All knobs, dials, and levers actuate correctly and with mechanical precision. The paintwork is very nice, with minimal brassing. Leatherette is in good condition. The battery compartment is without corrosion, the film compartment is clean, the pressure plate is pristine, and the mirror box and mirror are in excellent condition. 

The DP-11 viewfinder is clean and fully functional. The precise center-weighted metering system works as it should, and both the waist-level needle and viewfinder needle operate correctly.

The Nikon F2 took the incredible machine that was the original Nikon F and improved it in many ways. Construction and build quality remained at the highest level, while technical ability improved. The back of the camera hinges open to allow easier and faster film loading, the titanium shutter's maximum speed was improved to 1/2000th of a second, and the camera now offered optional motor drive, 250 exposure backs, and more options in attachable prisms.

Additionally, the size of the reflex mirror was expanded to offer more full image coverage and eliminate vignetting in certain situations. The ergonomics were improved as well through the inclusion of a more well-placed shutter release button. 

This camera uses Nikon's ubiquitous F mount, meaning that all of Nikon's F mount lenses will natively mount to this camera. Additionally available are a wide range of 3rd party lenses made for F-mount. 

If you're looking for one of the most incredible, mechanical SLRs of all time, this is it. Nikon's second professional grade SLR (and their last all-mechanical SLR) is a camera with class, substance, and style. A beautiful machine that is built to last, it can do anything most any photographer will ever ask of it.

This is a legend in the photography world, and along with its predecessor the F, many people consider it among the best SLRs ever made. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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