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35mm SLR
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Canon EF 35mm Film Camera Body with Body Cap

25.00 75.00

Here we have a Canon EF 35mm film SLR camera with Canon body cap. 

This camera is being sold at a discount because the light meter is not working. However, all other functions work as they should, and since this is a fully mechanical camera it can still be used by any photographer who does not require a light meter and who is comfortable shooting in manual mode. A good opportunity to get a solid, beautiful film camera at a very low price. 

Aside from this noted blemish, the camera is in good condition and works as intended. The shutter speeds from 1/1000th of a second to 1/2 second are functional and accurate. The body is in good condition, the viewfinder is clean and clear, as are the mirror box, focusing screen, and battery compartment. The film compartment is clean and the pressure plate is as it should be. 

All knobs, switches, dials, and levers actuate as they should and with mechanical precision. The lens mount is unmarred and the shutter releases with strength and precision.

This camera is similar in feel and build quality to Canon's professional level F1. However, it is far less expensive while retaining the ability to use all of Canon's amazing FD lenses. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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