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Polaroid 600 Business Edition Instant Camera - Excellent - Fully Functional


Here we have a fully functional Polaroid 600 Business Edition instant camera. This camera is in great condition and comes with its original strap. It has been fully tested, and everything works as it should!

Simply point and shoot, and out pop your photos.

The Business Edition 600 features an exposure adjustment switch and an electronic automatic shutter, built-in flash, a 116mm single-element plastic lens, and is fixed focus with a minimum focus distance of 4 feet in standard mode and 2 feet in close-up mode.

This camera requires 600 Polaroid film or compatible films from the Impossible Project. 

Words that might be used to describe it are "radical", "bodacious", "choice", "gnarly", "fresh", and "totally tubular to the max". And remember, this is the business edition, so make sure to bring your briefcase and close the deal.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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