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Olympus Trip Panorama 35mm Film Point and Shoot Camera - Excellent - Fully Functional - Takes Standard and Panorama Photos


Here we have a fantastic and versatile 35mm film point and shoot, the Olympus Trip Panorama. 

It is in excellent condition and is fully functional. 

The Trip Panorama is a fixed focus, fixed lens, fully automated point and shoot camera. It features an integrated and selectable flash, selectable ISO speeds of 100, 200, and 400, an integrated lens cover, motor advance and rewind, frame counter, and film safe load window. 

The key differentiating feature of the camera is in its ability to switch from standard aspect ratio to panorama mode by simply flicking a switch in the film compartment. Doing so will give your photos a cinematic feel, excellent for landscapes, vacation vistas, and dynamic street photos. 

The 33mm F/4.5 Zuiko lens creates exceptionally sharp images for a camera in this price point. 

It's small, lightweight, and a perfect camera for street shooting, travel, or times when nothing but fun is the order of the day. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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