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Fuji DL-300 - Fujifilm Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera - Fully Functional


Here we have a Fuji DL-300 35mm point-and-shoot film camera. 

It is cosmetically very nice, mechanically perfect, and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

The Fuji DL-300 is a remarkable camera in that it has a very sharp 35mm F/2.8 lens. This fast apertured lens allows for nice low-light shooting capability, and results in stunningly crisp images.

This camera also uses Fuji's drop-in loading system, which is very simple to use. Drop the film canister into the camera, close the back, and the camera takes care of the rest. It also preloads the film and winds it backwards into the film canister as photos are taken. This protects exposed shots in the event that the camera is accidentally opened. Only the unexposed film will be ruined and the taken shots saved!

A built-in flash, user-selectable flash modes, user selectable self-timer, and an informative LCD display round out the feature set.  

The camera will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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