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Canon AF35M - Fully Functional with Manual and Batteries


Here we have a Canon AF35M point-and-shoot 35mm film camera. It comes with its original strap and new batteries.

The camera is fully functional, in excellent condition, and is ready to provide another lifetime of fantastic photos. 

The film compartment, battery compartment, and viewfinder are pristine and without defects. The lens is in excellent condition without balsam separation, haze, fungus, or scratches. All levers, buttons, and switches actuate as they should, and the autofocus system works perfectly. 

This point and shoot camera was Canon's first successful automated 35mm film camera. Many features on this machine are fully automated, including auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto film loading, automatic film advance, automatic film rewind, and auto-flash selection. 

The 38mm F/2.8 Canon lens offers exceptional sharpness and beautiful color rendition. The automatic exposure system, autofocus system, and automatic film advance and rewind make it a perfect camera for those shooters who are interested in framing and composition, rather than the mathematics of manual photography. 

For our full review of this camera, please visit our website here.

Uses AA batteries and compatible with films up to 400 speed.

This camera will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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