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M42 USM Rubinar MTO-11CA 1000mm F/10 Makpo Super Tele Mirror Lens with Caps, Filters, Lens Hood


Here we have an excellent universal screw mount (m42) Rubinar MTO-11CA 1000mm F/10 mirror lens. It comes with its original caps, rear lens filters, and lens hood. It is made in Russia for any and all M42 (universal screw mount) cameras, such as those made by Pentax and others.

This extreme telephoto lens is a quality telephoto lens for photographers seeking to add a powerful lens to their current setup without spending a lot of money.

The incredible 1000mm focal length allows perfect capture of sports and wildlife photos as well as astrophotography and moon shots, and of any photos shot in which the subject is at a great distance. The fixed aperture of F10 makes for incredibly sharp images of distant subjects, and wonderful subject isolation of closer subjects.

The manual focus ring spins with perfect weight, the glass elements and mirror are clean and free of any and all blemishes, and the body is in excellent condition.

The lens is compatible with a variety of USM cameras including Pentax cameras. This lens can also be adapted to many of today's mirrorless cameras by way of a simple and inexpensive adapter. If you're unsure of whether or not this lens will fit your camera, as and I'll be happy to help.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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