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Nikon TC-201 Teleconverter with Both Nikon Lens Caps - Fully Functional, Excellent


Here we have a fantastic condition Nikon TC-201 teleconverter for AI, AIS, and AF lenses. This converter comes with both Nikon lens caps, and is in excellent condition. 

The TC-201 is a high quality teleconverter for use with Nikon manual and auto-focus lenses (auto-focus lenses will only operate in manual focus mode). It is suitable for all Nikon lenses of 200mm or less, and will effectively double the focal length of any lens. This means that a 50mm will become a 100mm, and a 35mm will become 70mm, for example. 

This is an excellent way of increasing the versatility of your camera gear without incurring massive expense. 

It can be used with most every Nikon F-mount camera, as well as used with adapters on today's mirror-less cameras like the Sony a7 and Fujifilm X Series. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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