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Nikon Nikonos UW Nikkor 20mm F/2.8 with Optical Viewfinder - Both Complete in Original Box for Any Nikonos 35mm Film Camera


Here we have a Nikon Nikonos Nikkor UW 20mm F/2.8 wide angle lens with its matching viewfinder, both in original boxes and in perfect condition. 

The lens and viewfinder are clean and perfect. The glass elements are free of fungus, haze, dirt, debris, dust etc. The aperture blades actuate as they should. The focus mechanism is smooth and accurate, and the aperture mechanism clicks into its detents with precision. The O-ring is perfect, and has been re-greased with Nikon seal grease. 

This underwater wide angle lens works with any Nikon Nikonos all-weather camera. It is a fantastic lens for the best range of underwater and all-weather cameras ever made. The Nikkor glass and advanced optical formula make it one of the sharpest and punchiest lenses around. The wide 20mm focal length offers a field of view that makes impressive wide angle shots.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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