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Nikon Nikkor AI 85mm F/2 Fast Prime Lens with Original Box, Insert, Lens Caps - Mint Condition


Here we have an incredible manual focus Nikon Nikkor, the NIkkor 85mm F/2 fast prime lens in AI Nikon F mount. This example comes as new, with its original box, insert, plastic wrapping, and front and rear Nikon lens caps. It is in perfect condition.

The lens elements are perfectly clean, with no fungus, balsam separation, cleaning marks, or abrasions. The aperture is free of oil and super-responsive, with perfect blades. The aperture ring clicks nicely into its detents, and the focus ring rotates smoothly. Filter threads and mount are in perfect condition.

The Nikkor 85mm F/2 is one of the most incredible portrait lenses around. Shooting wide open, it creates some of the most pleasant bokeh you'll ever find, and subject isolation is among the best of any vintage lens. Sharpness when shooting wide open is incredible. Stopping the aperture down results in clinically sharp images.

This version will natively mount to any F Mount Nikon camera. Additionally it will work on all of today's mirror-less cameras with an adapter. If you would like a link to the appropriate adapter for your camera, simply contact me and I will happily provide one.

This lens will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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