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Auto Miranda E 50mm F/1.8 and 200mm F/3.5 Pair of Lenses for Miranda 35mm Film Camera and Adapted Mirrorless


Here we have a pair of Miranda E lenses - the 50m F/1.8 fast prime standard lens with lens caps front and rear, and the 200mm F/3.5 telephoto prime lens. These lenses are from Miranda's manual plus auto-exposure capable lens lineup and work with cameras such as the Sensorex EE. They will also function perfectly on a mirrorless digital camera with adapter. 

The 50mm fast prime lens is in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically. All glass elements are free of fungus, haze, separation and scratches. The aperture blades are dry and actuate beautifully, and the aperture and focus rings work as they should. The lock for auto-exposure shooting is stiff and secure, filter threads are unmarred, and the mount is perfect. 

This lens produces wonderful bokeh and when stopped down is quite excellently sharp. It is a perfect do-it-all lens and features some of Miranda's best optical coatings. 

The 200mm could be considered a pack-in bundle deal with the 50mm, as it is mostly perfect with one minor blemish. Because of this blemish (a bit of balsam separation on the internal lens elements that does not impact performance) it is being sold at a heavy discount. 

The 200mm telephoto lens is a perfect accompaniment to the 50mm and will provide excellent bokeh for portraiture and shots in which subject isolation is desired. When stopped down, it too becomes very sharp. Aside from the mentioned blemish, the lens is in excellent condition and everything functions as it should. 

The lenses will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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