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Minolta AF 2X Tele Converter II APO for Minolta A Mount Lenses and Cameras


Here we have a very nice Minolta AF 2X Teleconverter II APO with front and rear Minolta lens caps. This teleconverter works perfectly and is ready to shoot. 

The Minolta AF 2X Teleconverter II APO will multiply the focal length of select Minolta AF (A Mount) lenses. Due to its extremely sophisticated optical design, it is made to work with a select number of high end Minolta glass. 

The lenses that this teleconverter is compatible with are as follows : 

  • 200 f/2.8 APO G
  • 300 f/2.8 APO G
  • 300 f/4 APO G
  • 400 f/4.5 APO G
  • 600 f/4 APO G
  • Note: The following lenses can only be used in Manual Focus mode: 
  • 300mm f/4 Macro G
  • 400 f/4.5 APO G
  • 600 f/4 APO G

The teleconverter will also function with Sony lenses, however while metering and EXIF data will be correct, these lenses will not have functional auto-focus. 

The APO II teleconverters benefit from updated gearing for high-speed focusing as opposed to the older Minolta AF APO versions.

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