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Leica Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 50mm F/2.8 Collapsible LTM Lens L39 Screw Mount Lens


Here we have a Leitz Wetzlar Leica Thread Mount Elmar 50mm F/2.8 collapsible lens. 

The lens is in good working order with clean aperture blades and nice glass. There's no haze, fungus, or scratches on the glass elements, and the barrel collapses smoothly as it should. The aperture ring clicks into its detents with wonderful mechanical precision, and the focus action is smooth and fluid. 

It is in nice cosmetic condition, with no major damage, scratches, or blemishes. The mount threads onto the camera body perfectly (Leica thread mount) and the knurling on the lens is precise and clean. 

There are minor dust specs inside the lens and a tiny 1mm nick in the front element, and while these do not impact optical performance or image quality, we mention them for prudence. Also, the lens is missing its infinity lock. It can still be focused easily and the missing lock can be replaced by the buyer (the threads are undamaged). Due to these two issues, the lens is being sold at a substantial discount.  

This is a very capable standard lens for Leica thread mount cameras. The 50mm focal length has long been the preferred focal length for street photographers, and those looking to take everyday shots of any subject. Its versatility is well known.The maximum aperture of F/2.8 is quick enough to use in low light situations when shooting fast film, and stopped down the lens is capable of making quite sharp images. 

This is a vintage lens that creates a beautiful painterly image on film, or mounted via cheap adapters to your new mirrorless camera. If you're unsure if this lens will work with your camera, just ask and I'll happily advise. 

It will. be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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