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Canon FD 50mm f/1.2 Ultra Fast Prime Lens for FD Mount (AE-1, A-1, Etc.) or Modern Digital Cameras - Vintage Legacy Lens


Here we have a fantastic Canon 50mm F/1.2 FD lens with front and rear lens caps. This legendary lens is amazingly fast, in superb condition, and ready to make gorgeous images. 

The lens is mechanically perfect. The aperture blades actuate quickly and are free of oil, while the glass elements are clean and free of haze, fungus, markings, and balsam separation. The focus ring spins perfectly, and the aperture ring clicks precisely. The mount and filter threads are in excellent condition. 

This 50mm fast prime lens is optically fantastic and will make a wonderful addition to any film or digital photographer's gear collection. The standard 50mm focal length is a perfect focal length for a massive variety of photography, including street photography, portraits, snap shots, architectural shooting, landscapes, and more.

The lens has an ultra fast aperture of 1.2, allowing stellar performance in low-light and available light shooting situations. This makes it ideal for nighttime, street photography, and other challenging situations. The lens is capable of making very beautiful Bokeh when shot wide open, and stopped down it becomes incredibly sharp.

This lens will naturally fit onto any Canon SLR with an FD mount, but just as important, it will  also mount to many DSLR, mirror-less, and micro 4/3rds cameras through the use of inexpensive and capable lens adapters. Cameras commonly used with these legacy lenses include the Fujifilm X series and Sony's A7, and Alpha models.

If you're unsure of what adapter to buy to use this lens on your camera, ask us and we'll happily provide a link to the correct adapter offered through Amazon.

This beautiful lens will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe delivery.

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