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Minolta Auto Winder for X-700 X-500 / 570 X-300 / 370 XG Series by Sakar


The Sakar auto-winder is specifically designed for the X-700, X-500/570, X-300/370 and XGM cameras, and provides motorised film advance in continuous or single frame mode. The drive is easily fitted using a simple screw, and incorporates a front grip with shutter release.

This example is in nice condition. All functions work as they should, and dials click nicely into their detents. The battery compartment is clean and free of any corrosion or damage. 

In the opinion of many users, a motor drive is a compulsory accessory when using the X-700 or X-500/570. The grip with its 4 AA batteries provides a feeling of solidity and sturdiness to a camera which otherwise can feel a little "plasticky". Additionally, the grip totally transforms the ergonomics of the camera, making it very easy to hold in one hand while waiting for that perfect photo opportunity.

The light weight of the X-700 can make it feel a little out of balance with some heavier lenses, particularly the longer telephotos or some of the earlier MC lenses which incorporated a lot of metal into their construction. By using a motor drive, this issue is completely resolved.

It will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe delivery.

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