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Nikon DS-12 EE Aperture Control Attachment for Nikon F2A/F2AS


Here we have a fantastic condition and rather rare Nikon DS-12 EE Aperture Control Attachment for the Nikon F2A and F2AS. It is in excellent condition and is fully functional. 

The DS-12 EE Aperture Control Attachment is designed to provide the DP-12 Photomic Finder equipped Nikon F2 with shutter-speed priority, automatic exposure capability.

Utilizing the Photomic finder's meter readings of the subject's brightness, the DS-12 continuously adjusts the lens aperture to maintain correct exposure. Its automatic exposure control functions at all shutter speeds, and couples with virtually all Nikkor lenses offering the Al facility. Provision for manual override makes for flexibility of use. 

When used with the Nikon motor drive and intervalometer, a DS-12 equipped camera permits fully automatic, unmanned operation. Connection with the databack-equipped cameras through the flash terminal, allows recording of time and date on the film frame.

This unusual accessory will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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