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Minolta Right Angle 1x and 2x Magnification Finder with Original Case - Excellent Condition Accessory for Minolta or Other SLR Cameras


Here we have an excellent Minolta Right Angle Magnifying (1x and 2x) Finder (waist level viewfinder) with original Minolta case. This accessory is in excellent cosmetic condition and is in perfect mechanical condition.

It can be rotated to point up, down, left, or right.

There is no paintloss, damage, scratches, or dings. The glass is in perfect condition with no haze, fungus, or cleaning marks. The coating is in perfect condition with no balsam separation.

This waist level finder is a viewfinder attachment that connects to the eyepiece of Minolta (or any) SLRs and allows for viewing the scene from above the cameras. It is useful when shooting from low positions, when doing Macro work, or when using the camera in any fixed place like on a tripod for long exposures or for copy work (such as "scanning" slides or documents with a camera).

This finder also increases magnification to an optional 2x for precise focusing.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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minolta maxxum for sale - 14.jpg
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