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LeicaMeter MR Leica Light Meter for Leica M Series Rangefinder Camera - Fits in Hotshoe, Fully Functional


Here we have an excellent condition and fully functional Leica Meter MR light meter.

This light meter, made by Leica in Germany, attaches to the accessory shoe of Leica's M series cameras and mates to the camera's shutter speed control dial. It measures light with the press of a button and informs the shooter of the proper setting for lens aperture. Simply read the reading on the top of the light meter, adjust lens aperture, and shoot. The resultant image will be properly exposed.

It uses an ultra-sensitive CdS photo cell in conjunction with a standard Wein cell battery (which will last for years).

This meter works perfectly, batteries are easy to find, and it looks simply stunning.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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contax g2 camera for sale - 9.jpg
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